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Metaxas Meats has been a Melbourne institution for more than 30 years.

Metaxas for Caterers, Restaurants, Delicatessens
If your business is looking for a supplier who can consistently deliver exceptional Souvlaki, Gyros and Kebabs – lamb, beef, pork or chicken - you can’t go past Metaxas.  Metaxas products are DIFFERENT.  They’re always, tender, juicy and the special Metaxas marinade recipe really sets their product apart.

Metaxas products are the perfect addition to your product mix.  They’ll help you grow your business, because your customers will return again and again.

And remember, Metaxas have regular delivery days, so it’s easy to plan your orders so you’ve always got plenty of stock.

Metaxas for Families
For many years, families all over Melbourne have been beating a path to Metaxas, to collect simply delicious Souvlaki, Gyros and Kebabs.

Metaxas products are perfect for a family barbecue or party.  It’s so easy to create a memorable meal for outdoors or indoors, when all the hard work is already done for you.

Metaxas for Sports Clubs and Special Events
Metaxas Souvlaki, Gyros and Kebabs are the PERFECT solution for Sports Club and groups holding special events.  Metaxas products are ALWAYS delicious, available when you want them, and easy to cook for your special evens.

Call us today to order.

What our Customers Say …..

We stock Metaxas lamb Souvlakis at our gourmet food store.  Once our customers have tried them, they keep coming back for more.  Metaxas deliver a consistent product we know we can rely on.  It helps us keep up the quality standards we’re known for.

Fishtank, Dendy Street, Brighton

We ordered Metaxas lamb Gyros when we had a big party for our son’s 21st.  The people at Metaxas got everything  ready for us.  It made organising such an important event a lot easier, and a lot of our guests commented on how good the meat tasted. 

Sophie, Coburg

We’ve been buying Metaxas regularly for years now, and we’ve always enjoyed the tender lamb – and the marinade.  It’s the BEST.

Anthony and Vanessa, East Bentleigh



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